Save Thousands on Travel at Timeshares, Without Ownership

Save Thousands on Travel Without Buying a Timeshare

You can vacation at Timeshares without the responsibility of Ownership!

Do you believe experiencing new adventures, making memories, bonding with your loved ones, and re-charging with relaxation are paramount to a happy life?

Are you (or you want to be) a habitual vacationer, even just once a year?

Would You Like to Save Up to 90% Off All Your Vacations? At condo-resorts instead of hotel rooms? Many of our resorts are Timeshares (and you are NOT buying a Timeshare with us!)

We do too, so the Club could be for you!

Save Thousands on Travel

Set yourself up to make more memories for your entire life, having stories to tell for years to come.

I will show you the secrets the online booking sites don’t want you to know!

And how you can save 50-90% off their pricing, for life.

Here is a recorded Presentation of the benefits of the Club and how it works.

I will show you inside the membership: all the resorts, the pricing, the countries you can experience, the cruises, and how Customer Service is at your beck-and-call.

Questions? I look forward to helping you make more memories, enjoy more relaxation, and save more money,

Schedule an appointment with me here,

Laurie Conrod
860-463-9040 Cell (Pacific time)

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