Buy a Timeshare or Join the Club?

Should I buy a Timeshare?

Are you looking to buy a Timeshare, or rent a week at a Timeshare?

After doing my due diligence comparing the Vacation Club to Expedia and other retail sites, I did some homework comparing the Club to buying a timeshare.

What I found was REALLY eye-opening to me. I’ve known people over the years mention their timeshare, or friends whose parents had a timeshare. But my parents bought a condo in Vermont when I was growing up and we skied every weekend and every school vacation, and also used the place in the summer, so the timeshare world was pretty foreign to me.

So I dove in and this is what I found: Buying a timeshare requires $10,000 to $25,000 up front, and requires annual fees to cover maintenance, taxes and utilities that  cost $400 to over $1000 a year. And those fees usually go up. All this expense, for the right to use the timeshare for 1 week out of the year. And you pay the fees whether you go on vacation or not.

If you want to swap your week, there’s probably another another fee. If you want to sell, there’s probably another fee. And the value of a  timeshare before the ink is dry on the contract you sign goes down at least 50%. It’s worse than buying a car. A Timeshare is NOT an investment.

Since I bought my Vacation Club membership, I’ve come across many people that own timeshares that have either let them go (just stopped paying the fees to get rid of it), or are trying to sell but can’t. I had no idea it was so common for people to feel this way about their timeshare.

And many of these people join the Club even when they can’t sell their timeshare, for several reasons. They can travel more often, and when they want to because  they aren’t locked in to a specific week,  they don’t have to deal with point systems or exchange fess, and they can sell their timeshare week to other club members to cover those annoying timeshare maintenance fees.

So when I say you can save up to 90% off on timeshares, it’s true! Here’s a great example from the Club: A peak week in the winter in Cabo san Lucas at the Hacienda del Mar Resort is $699 with the Club, and $3104.71 on Expedia. This is what everyone is used to paying, it’s regular retail pricing for a vacation.

And with the club, you can break even with 1 or 2 vacations, depending where you go and how often you travel – and you’re not locked in to a specific week each year at the same place.

So definitely talk to other timeshare owners before you make  a big commitment to something that is not an investment, even though it’s marketed as if it is.

Before you put those maintenance-fee-handcuffs on, be really sure you want to wear them.

You can transfer your Vacation Club membership to anyone you choose too – and they won’t be burdened with any annual fees. Just the benefit of vacations at wholesale in a private club, and they can vacation where they want, when they want, for life!

Go to the Pricing page and compare the Club to the cost of a Timeshare. You’ll be glad you did!



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