Pricing for Laurie’s Vacation Club

Are you ready to make priceless memories, MORE  often?

“I help travel-lovers who want to make vacations a ritualized and habitual part of their life, and want to experience the destinations they’ve always dreamed of all over the world, “now”, instead of “someday”.

Is that you?

The Club could be one of the best investments in your happiness, for life.

That is what you’ll experience with a membership in this Club.

And it won’t only be you, but your family and friends too!

They’ll have YOU to thank, that you discovered this club and
all it’s benefits.

If you still have questions, call me 860-463-9040 (Pacific)!

Imagine all your trips, your laughs and your memories, and the lifetime of savings…

This is a ONE-TIME membership fee to join. There are no annual fees or hidden fees. You pay when you book a vacation, never more than $799 per week.

Pricing for Laurie'a Vacation Club

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As soon a you join and get your login and password, you can book your first vacation right away. You’ll receive your leather journal too!

Contact me with any questions!

Would you like a personal consultation so I  can answer your questions?

Schedule an appointment with me right now! Start by picking your Time Zone:

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Laurie Conrod
Ph. 860-463-9040 (Pacific)

I believe this membership will be one of the best investments you ever make for you and your family!

Did you know you can view the resorts we have yourself, online?

Here are 3 areas of the membership you can browse yourself.

You’ll need the access code: 74LN23HWMY

#1- REGISTRY OF RESORTS: This is the online catalog of the resorts (plus unit sizes) you have access to year-round and you request the dates you want to go. (I noticed some are missing but it gives most of the inventory)

#2- NEWSLETTER POSTINGS: These are the very best specials which are hand-selected and updated daily. Typically they feature larger condo’s to bring more guests.

#3- HOT WEEKS: These are weeks which have a maximum price of $398 and they’re updated on a daily basis.

There is more inventory inside the membership site, but these 3 give you a good idea of the resorts and the pricing.

There are also several other sections with more inventory:

The ‘Member to Member’ section, where members can list their Timeshare week for free and rent it to another member. Pricing $398 to $799 per week.

The ‘Instant Bookings’ section, where you can book 7-night stays for yourself, for friends, family, or even employees. Pricing $398 to $749 per week. The member does not need to accompany the guest you are booking for. Book multiple condo’s too.

The ‘Cruises’ section: Discounted cruises on all the major cruise lines.

The ‘Travel Center’ section: Book your flights, car rentals, hotels, attraction tickets and more.

The ‘Short Stay’ section: packages for less than 7 nights
Enjoy browsing!

Ready to start vacationing at luxury resorts for wholesale prices?

Join the Club and never pay Retail Prices again!

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Renaissance Travel is an Authorize Net Verified Merchant


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