What Exactly Is The Vacation Club Membership? – Here Is A Video Of The Full Presentation.

Watch the Presentation Here, it’s about 22 minutes and gives you an overview of how the club works and why our pricing is possible. Enjoy! (The Gold membership has been discontinued, Platinum was more popular!)

Our Vacation Club is the alternative to Timeshare ownership, and the alternative to booking vacations on Retail vacation sites like Expedia and Travelocity. We allow you to vacation 52 weeks a year at Timeshares and other resorts, without any maintenance fees, annual fees, or point systems.

You have your own dedicated customer service staff just for you. You don’t get that with Expedia or Travelocity either.

And our travel provider has been helping happy members vacation for wholesale prices for 26+ years.

We have over 77,000 happy members, vacationing at Timeshares every year with no ownership obligations.

Here’s a quote from a happy member in the club since 2007:

He says “it’s the single greatest investment I’ve ever made for my family”- Mark H.

Contact me with your questions!

Ph. 860-463-9040 (Pacific)


P.S. You’ll be staying at resorts all over the world for $398 to $799 for a week (not per person! Per suite or condo)

Never pay retail pricing again (Expedia, Travelocity or other online booking sites, or the resort itself).

Laurie’s Vacation Club Save 50-90% on Vacations For Life at Timeshares all over the world

Over 77,000 happy members!

21 Reasons why you should check out our members-only vacation Club!

Our club allows its members to enjoy 50 to 90% off room and suite/condo rates at 4, and 5 star properties at over 5000 destinations worldwide.

These rooms offer prime views in Studio, 1, 2, or 3 bedroom suites with kitchen, living room, dining area and a balcony or patio, at over 5,000 resort properties in more than 60 countries.

Weekly condo rates (includes all taxes) range between $235 – $799 per week….Never more than $799 per week. (NOT per person! Per unit!)

1. Pay One Lifetime Membership fee and enjoy lifelong discounts on multiple vacations each year – all 52 weeks!
2. Choose the membership level that fits your lifestyle
3. Choose from over 5000 Luxury Resort Destinations in 60+ countries Worldwide
4. No Monthly Dues or Maintenance Fees like a timeshare requires
5. No Black Out Dates
6. No Restrictions
7. Not locked-in to a specific week like a Timeshare
8. Most resorts are 1,2, or 3 bedroom suites/condo’s with prime views
9. Unlimited Guest Weeks (book for family and friends!)
10. Unlimited Specials
11. Unlimited Cruise Deals
12. Book Flights with ease, and save with hotels included
13. Car Rental Discounts
14. Beyond Your Expectations Customer Service
15. Your own login and website for 24 hour access to all resorts, deals, and travel center to book airfare, car rentals, attraction tickets — one stop travel center.
16. Hassle free, no comparing deals from multiple online booking websites, the Club is always less
17. Travel anytime of the year- Unlimited!
18. Travel every week – up to 52 weeks of the year
19. Access to properties belonging to timeshares (Marriott Resort Vacation Club, World International Vacation Club, Club Intrawest, Fairmont Resorts, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, Diamond Resorts, Worldmark by Wyndham, Shell Vacation Club, and more)
20. Book from 72 hours to 1 year in advance, very flexible
21. Many resorts will upgrade you for no charge at check-in

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP…4 annually recurring prime time vacation weeks per year and unlimited instant weeks and cruises.

Contact me to take an online tour of the membership website to see all the resorts and deals!

Laurie Conrod

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